Getting the right people to work for us is very important, not just to us but more especially to our clients, so choosing staff well is crucial. People often ask us about our way of choosing staff, so we thought we would tell you all about our process.

Aneta Matrynika, a director at Safi Cleaning, interviews the new person and also asks for references, as you would expect, but choosing staff for a business that has direct contact with clients in their own homes is a delicate process. Some clients are elderly and frail and it is important when choosing staff to find cleaners who understand what issues they may face.

First of all, Aneta gets the prospective new member of staff to clean her house so that she can watch how they do it. She needs to find out whether they work efficiently to be able to clean properly in the time allowed, and also whether they know how to clean effectively. If the prospective member of staff does not move anything to clean, or neglects to polish the taps, for example, Aneta knows there is training to be done.

As choosing staff is so vital because they are the face of Safi Cleaning, it is very important to follow a rigorous process before that new cleaner can be sent to a client. The new cleaner is accompanied to their first job, which is to clean a room in a shared house, and the room is inspected both before and after the clean.

Clients also know that choosing staff is very important, and are happy to provide feedback to Aneta when requested. Some customers, however, find it difficult to criticise their cleaner, so periodic inspections are carried out to make absolutely sure cleaners continue to work well all the time.

Safi Cleaning understands that choosing staff is fundamental to our reputation, and takes the whole process very seriously to ensure our clients receive only the best service.

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