Henry the Hoover

Nothing else compares, so we love Henry Hoover. We love Henry Hoover’s power, we love Henry Hoover’s practicality, we love Henry Hoover’s large capacity bag and we love Henry Hoover’s really long cable.

All our staff use Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners.

Our customers like to see Henry’s cheerful face on the front of the cleaner, too!

The vacuum cleaner’s power means we can lift more dirt more easily, so that carpets are not only surface clean, they are clean deep down. Getting rid of grit that has wedged itself below the surface is very important, as it can rub against the carpet fibres and wear them away. Henry Hoover sucks this grit out so that carpets last longer.
Another of the things our cleaners really like about Henry Hoover is the large capacity bag. As you can imagine, our cleaners are busy all day cleaning customers’ carpets, so they appreciate not having to empty the bag very often compared to other vacuum cleaners.

The really long cable Henry Hoover possesses is a godsend for our busy cleaners, who find that sometimes it is long enough to clean a whole flat from one power socket! This means our cleaners can whizz around without any wasted time backtracking on themselves moving the plug from one socket to another.
We love Henry Hoover. Three cheers for Henry Hoover!

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