Now that the school holidays are over, many people find their thoughts turn to a spot of Autumn cleaning. We all love children, but they do make a mess! So, which cleaning products are best? We did a lot of research to find out which cleaning products are best, and once we had found the best, we made sure all our staff use them. If anybody asks us which cleaning products are best, we have all the answers!

First of all, we recommend green Cillit Bang for kitchen grease. It cleans brilliantly without leaving smears, smells good and works in many different situations. However, it is a very powerful cleaner and is not suitable for use everywhere as it can harm some surfaces, so be sure to read the label before using it. In particular, do not use it on enamelled surfaces or on surfaces which come into direct contact with food.

In the bathroom Dettol works brilliantly on mould, the kind of mould you get on the tiles which starts white but becomes black. Mould thrives in warm damp conditions, so it is very important to keep your bathroom well ventilated and to wipe down any surfaces where moisture can collect, preferably with a dry cloth. Leave the window or door open whenever possible or use an extractor fan after every shower or bath.

For limescale, vinegar is a tried and tested solution, but many people do not like the smell, so Safi cleaners use Limelite. It can be used on metal, glass, ceramic, acrylic and plastic surfaces, and our clients are amazed by how lovely and shiny it makes their taps!

So, next time you visit the supermarket with Autumn cleaning products in mind, don’t forget which cleaning products are best!

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