Some people say they love work, they can sit and watch other people work for hours! Others think that watching the cleaner work will keep the cleaner on their toes and make sure every bit of the job is done. But watching the cleaner work is not always the best plan, as cleaners like to just get on, and if the client is there and wanting to chat and even have a cup of tea with their cleaner, the job is not done as thoroughly. There is not enough time to chat and drink tea.

If the client is at home they may need to make telephone calls or have a visitor, and this means the cleaner has to work in another room or not make a noise using the vacuum cleaner, and this can disrupt the workflow. Cleaners all have their routines and like to start in particular rooms, and they feel freer if the client is not at home.

Constantly watching the cleaner work can be off-putting for the cleaner and in the end does not make for an ideal relationship. The ideal client leaves a key, or if at home welcomes the cleaner, stays in a different room, or even in the garden if the weather is good, does not follow the cleaner around to engage in conversation or stop them working to drink tea, and pays by bank transfer!

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