We value your outside space as much as you do, therefore we offer a range of services under our gardening  services. The following are what we can offer to our customers who wish to take advantage of our gardening services.

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Disposal of garden waste
  • Tree/hedge trimming
  • Leaf removal
  • Tree removal
  • Deconstruction of fences
  • Deconstruction of small greenhouses as well as other garden based constructions
  • Pond cleaning
  • Grubbing

Why choose us?

  • We’re happy to tackle the jobs you don’t, when it comes to maintaining a garden space it can require a lot of work and most importantly that means time, free up yours by letting us service your garden space for you
  • We know our Primroses from our Cowslips and that means that you won’t have to! By servicing many garden spaces over the years we’re confident that we will satisfy even the most green fingered.
  • By working in spaces large and small with focuses on wildlife and ornate gardening we can maintain your garden space hassle free.

Our promise

Safi Cleaning ensures consistently high standards of service always at a reasonable price.

We ensure that the entirety of your domestic space will be refreshed and cleaned to meet your satisfaction.

With a clear focus on quality, we make sure everything is right from the start and stays that way through to the end of our visit.

Contact us now.